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Have you found peace from your past?

"Give up the hope that the past could be any different"


Purpose for site:  To Inform, Educate and Assist in Helping those who want peace from past experiences.  Healing begins with forgiveness, I found that writing and talking to others is also part of healing yourself. 




6/28/05  Creation of Website

7/15/05 Building page Hunted-Wanted-Beware 

10/12/05 Continued work on About page

1/06 developing page on Sexual abuse

6/06- Letter to my Father (see About page)

2/07 Updating Sexual Abuse page (talk to your child)

3/07 Pride (Open your mind and don't judge anyone)

6/07 continued updates possible new page to follow

3/08 Updates on Hunted Beware page (Sherman history)

4/08 Added my Photo album (newspaper clippings of cult 1984-87)

6/08 updating history on Hunted Beware page

11/08 3/09 6/09 site updates

9/09 blog updates


This site is dedicated to Jessica & Israel Crank 

Peace be with you Jessica

 Israel (Izzy) "my angel" above pic 

More photos


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